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Three female prison guards jailed for secret love affairs

Corruption is being tackled inside Britain's biggest prison after three female guards recently found themselves on the other side of the bars for having love affairs with inmates.

Jennifer Gavan, 27, Ayshea Gunn, 27, and Emily Watson ,26, have all been jailed after their secret relationships were exposed in HMP Berwyn, North Wales, which has a capacity of 2,100 inmates.

Gavan was imprisoned in December for eight months, pleading guilty to misconduct in public at Mold Crown Court for her three-month relationship with 25-year-old inmate Alex Coxon, The Sun reported.

Photos of Emily Watson (left), Ayshea Gunn (middle), and Jennifer Gavan (right) who were jailed for having inappropriate relations with inmates at HMP Berwyn in Wales.
Former prison guards, Emily Watson (left), Ayshea Gunn (middle), and Jennifer Gavan (right) were jailed for having inappropriate relations with inmates at HMP Berwyn in Wales. Source: The Sun (The Sun)

The woman from Wrexham had reportedly slipped a mobile phone in for the inmate, accepting around $230 for the device. The court heard they kissed during those months between April and July in 2020 and she also took photos of herself on Snapchat and sent them to him.

Only a year before in 2019, former officer Ayshea Gunn from Berwyn prison served a year for having an inappropriate relationship with an inmate.

Described as "dangerous", 29-year-old inmate Khuram Razaq was serving a 12-year sentence for conspiracy to rob when he became involved with the criminology and psychology graduate.

Gunn reportedly made several sexual phone calls to Razaq and a search of her room revealed photos of them together both hugging and kissing in his cell. According to The Sun, a court also heard she delivered a pair of undies for Razaq which she hid inside her bra.

In the same year, Watson was also involved in an illegal affair with an inmate, John McGee, having engaged in a sexual act with him twice, as well as having intercourse once in his cell.

Staff started getting skeptical when they saw the Huddersfield local spending a little too much time with him at the correctional centre, which kickstarted an investigation. That year the 26-year-old spent 12-months behind bars for her actions.

500 staff have since undergone further training at UK jail

As a result of the incidents at HMP Berwyn in Wrexham, around 500 of their staff have completed anti-corruption training, with The Prison Service also carrying out an inspection of the security arrangements, the Sun reports. The service has started piloting social media checks for roles such as correctional centre officers, and additional gate security has been launched to help prevent any staff from smuggling items in for inmates.

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