Thousands sign petition pleading for staffy in 'deadly attack' to be spared

Thousands of people are campaigning to have the staffy that allegedly killed a dachshund in a Melbourne park this week saved from being put down.

The response comes after the staffy’s owner came forward and said it was her dog who was first attacked by up to three dogs. The owner of the deceased dog, Coco, had initially posted to Facebook blaming the staffy Hero for killing her dachshund.

Kashila Chintamunnee wrote to Facebook after the incident that Coco was “mauled to death” while on a walk in Pakenham on Tuesday at about 11am, accusing the owner to the “attacking dog” of walking away.

But Hero’s owner Claudia Harrison said a labrador and two dachshunds approached her dog after they escaped from the yard of a nearby home, reported.

Ms Harrison said there was no one else around at the time, and she did her best to separate the dogs while protecting her young son.

Hero was initially accused of instigating the attack, but it has since emerged Coco was one of three off-leash dogs to approach the staffy. Source: Facebook/ Kashila Chintamunnee

Following the violent incident, a petition was established calling on Cardinia Council to abandon its plan to put Hero to sleep.

“Coco and two other dogs escaped their yard, and ran to the park where Hero and his owner were walking,” the petition, started by a woman named Emma McLean, read.

“Hero's owner was doing the right thing, walking her dog on a leash in a leash only area.”

She wrote that while Ms Chintamunnee had “blasted” Ms Harrison on social media, CCTV footage had offered insight into what really happened.

Video, shared by 10 Daily, showed a large white dog moving towards a woman and child.

The woman then steps onto a picnic table before a car pulls up and two people step out, appearing to go over and help.

A woman shown standing on a picnic table (circled left) as a car pulls up, a man steps out (bottom) as a white dog (circled top right) looks on. Source: 10 Daily

“Coco was not being walked as owner first stated, Coco escaped and attacked another dog,” the petition read.

“RIP Coco, and condolences to her family, but lying to sentence another dog to death is just disgusting.

“My aim here is to urge the Cardinia Council to NOT put this poor dog to sleep, This is a tragic incident but Hero was NOT the instigator.”

Cardinia Shire Council confirmed to Yahoo News Australia the incident was being investigated but said it was unable to comment further.

“Anyone with information is encouraged to contact council,” a spokesperson said.

Since being established, the petition has been signed by more than 36,000 people.

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