Thousands petition to save dog from death row after attack on young girl

More than 15,000 people are petitioning to save a dog on death row after he left a young girl with facial injuries.

In 2016 Hank, a neapolitan mastiff, was declared a dangerous dog by Moreton Bay Regional Council in Queensland after the incident at a gathering in Rothwell.

The seven-year-old girl was hospitalised and had reconstructive surgery with her mother saying it was a “deliberate, unprovoked attack on a child," The Courier Mail reported.

But Hank's owners and some neighbours said it was an "accident".

Hank was declared a dangerous dog, but his owners claim it was an

"There was no malice or aggression observed," owners Tammy Bradshaw and Nathan Wallace wrote on the petition.

"Hank is very loved. He went everywhere with his family, and loved playing with other dogs and neighbourhood kids, as well as his own family."

The neapolitan mastiff has been impounded at the RSPCA in Dakabin since May.

Tammy Bradshaw and Nathan Wallace want Hank to be released from the RSPCA. Photo: Save Hank the Neo Mastiff

A spokesman for Moreton Bay Regional Council told the Courier Mail the girl's injuries were horrific.

“Where there is evidence that animal owners are not complying with dangerous dog declaration requirements, or where a dangerous dog represents an unacceptable risk to community safety, council must take appro­priate steps to prevent a reoccurring attack,” the spokesperson said.

The petition to save Hank from euthanisation has received more than 16,000 signatures.

The neapolitan mastiff has been impounded since May. Photo: Save Hank the Neo Mastiff
A little girl was hospitalised after being injured by Hank at a neighbourhood event. Photo: Save Hank the Neo Mastiff