Thousands of jellyfish invade the Gold Coast

Behind the high rises of Surfers Paradise the green surface of the Broadwater is turning blue.

Jellyfish are everywhere, even dotted along the surface of the Mariners Cove Marina.

They just keep coming.

"You will find them moving with the currents, particularly through the Seaway up into the Nerang river and then they'll get caught in the canals," said 7News marine expert, Paul Burt.

The jellyfish are turning the broadwater blue on the Gold Coast

Scientists refer to the species as 'the blue blubber'.

There are tens of thousands of the animals and more are expected right along Australia's east coast.

Scientists know a lot about the creature's life span and breeding habits but they have no idea why they've suddenly bloomed in such extraordinary numbers in Australia's tourist capital.

"This species they can give you a bit of a mild sting but it's not dangerous, so if you get the opportunity to have a snorkel with them, you know have a good look at them they're absolutely beautiful," said Dr Kylie Pitt from Griffith University.

The species is referred to as 'the blue blubber' by scientists

A team of Gold Coast marine scientists will do just that later this week.

Jellyfish blooms like this are notoriously unpredictable.

Research has shown there may not be another this big for 10 years.

"They can be a difficult species to work on because you can't always predict when they're going to be there, so you have to strike when the iron's hot," said Dr Kylie Pitt.