Thomas Markle says he wants to reconcile with Meghan and ‘longs’ to meet grandchildren

The Duchess of Sussex’s estranged father Thomas Markle has revealed that he is still holding out hope that they can reconcile and how he “longs” to meet his grandchildren.

In a new interview with Good Morning Britain, Thomas, 79, who suffered a stroke in May last year and has now regained the ability to speak, laments how he and Meghan haven’t spoken in “five years”.

Opening up about the situation with hosts Susanna Reid and Richard Madeley on Monday, he said: “I still haven’t seen my grandkids and I want to see my grandkids.

“I’m very upset about it as well because this is a cruel thing to do to a grandparent... deny the right to see their grandchild,” he added.

He claimed no attempts have been made by either Meghan or her husband Prince Harry to get in touch, despite his ill-health.

He said: “To my knowledge, no attempts at all, no one tried [to reach out] and I haven’t seen Meghan and Harry in five years. The last time I spoke to them I was in a hospital bed before the wedding.”

When asked by Reid on the breakfast show what he would say to his daughter Meghan if he was given the opportunity, he said: “Put the past behind us and allow me to see my grandkids. In California, I can actually sue to see them but I don’t want to do that.”

Thomas Markle pictured with his daughter Meghan as a baby (Instagram)
Thomas Markle pictured with his daughter Meghan as a baby (Instagram)

Despite speaking out against his daughter on a number of ocassions to the press, including leaking a letter from her, he insists that he doesn’t know why they are estranged.

He said: “I’ve done nothing wrong, there’s nothing that points to me to say that I’m a bad guy. Matter of fact, I’m a really loving father and she knows that. And there is no excuse for her to treat me this way. No excuse to treat grandparents this way as well.”

Mr Markle concluded: “I’ve always been here for her [Meghan], I still love her, I’ll love her forever. I want her to reach out to me and let me see my grandkids and let me have a little peace, it’s been 5 years.

“She’s always been sweet and very talented. She always was [loving], I don’t know about now.”

A representative for the Duchess of Sussex has been contacted for comment.