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Dr Angela Jay is truly remarkable. The beautiful young doctor has been through absolute hell. It’s hard to believe fourteen months ago she came face-to-face with evil. It began quite innocently. Just like thousands of other women, Angela went online, on Tinder, looking for a soul mate. For a while there she thought she’d found him. Paul Lambert was handsome, charming, and seemingly normal. Or so Angela first thought. But she was wrong.

After the relationship ended, he began stalking her, even renting a room across from where she worked. Then one night broke into her home and hid in waiting as part of a twisted murder plot. Angela endured a vicious attack, repeatedly stabbed and doused in petrol. Paul fled, sparking a massive manhunt that came to a dramatic end on a country highway. Angela still has her bad days, but it’s been an astonishing recovery. Somehow she’s emerged stronger and more motivated than ever. And surprisingly, there’s no room in her new life for bitterness, not even about online dating sites like Tinder.

Dr Angela Jay.

She says she was just unlucky. Now Angela’s taken on another challenge, a gruelling 65 kilometre trek through the MacDonnell Ranges for White Ribbon. By her side was father, Steve, brother, Zach, and 12 other men and women whose lives have been impacted by domestic violence. Sunday Night’s Melissa Doyle tells the full story of Angela’s haunting ordeal and to help save other women.

What happened to the great Aussie dream of owning your own home? The quarter acre block, somewhere with room to walk around and space for the hills hoist. More of us are abandoning the big cities and moving into apartments, with more people than ever paying rent instead of a mortgage. There’s one Aussie who believes the great Australian dream of home ownership is still alive and well. 32-year-old Nathan Birch is perhaps Australia's most surprising real estate mogul. He likes fast cars, helicopters and best of all buying houses. Lots of houses. He grew up in a blue collar suburb and quit school in Year twelve. With nothing more than a burning desire to retire young, he's amassed a portfolio of hundreds of properties. And now he’s sharing his secrets with Sunday Night.

The only way to see Nathan Birch's $55 million property portfolio is from the sky.

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