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Elvis Presley’s incredible life and tragic death has been the subject of countless books and movies. But only one person really knew him - his ex-wife Priscilla. They met when Priscilla was 14 and she remained his closest friend to the day he died just over forty years ago. Mike Amor interviews Priscilla at a time in her life where she’s ready to reveal the untold stories of the man behind that legend.

Overwhelming terror, cold sweats, a racing pulse and dry mouth. To the outsider, a phobia may seem totally irrational. But to those who must endure them every day, they are all too real and utterly debilitating. Millions of Australians suffer from at least one phobia. It could be a fear of spiders, dentists or even something as seemingly harmless as a bird. But now there’s a high-tech treatment, inspired by – of all things – video games. Even Sunday Night’s Matt Doran was willing to try it in a bid to overcome his worst fear.

Matt Doran tests the high tech treatment that could help victims of phobias.

He’s a perfectionist. Loud, demanding and a tyrant in the kitchen. At least that’s the Marco Pierre White we see on television. As Sunday Night’s Melissa Doyle discovers, away from the cameras, he’s a very different person. And before Marco was the fearsome TV chef, he was the fiery King of the British culinary scene. The Mick Jagger of food, the world’s first rock-star chef and even a sex symbol.

Marco Pierre White.

They reach dizzying heights when teams of more than 100 men, women and children climb on top of each other to create a living skyscraper. It’s a celebration of strength, courage and most of all, balance. And the highlight - when the smallest child in the team clambers to the summit. Sunday Night’s Denham Hitchcock put his body on the line to take part in this death-defying competition.

Spain's incredible human towers.

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