This cycling road rule could cost offenders up to $349

Road rules are intended to cover all means of traffic on the roads, including cars and cyclists and anyone using them.

It’s why cyclists could find themselves being punished if they are riding a bicycle that is being towed by a vehicle on the open road.

Even though they might not be directly hurting anyone, it still potentially poses a risk to other people travelling on the road. So what are these rules all about?

A blurred image of a bicycle, with NSW Police officers talking in the background. Source: Getty Images
In NSW, police can issue cyclists with a $349 fine. Source: Getty Images

Interpreting the road rule

The first section of Rule 254 in the Australian Road Rules makes it pretty clear it's illegal for anyone to ride a bicycle that is being towed by another vehicle.

With the rule covering matters of safety, it is something that has been pretty much mandated by all states across Australia and formulated into their own state road rules.

Cyclists face big fines

Many states have significant fines for cyclists found breaking this road rule. The punishments include:

NSW: In New South Wales, cyclists caught riding a towed by another vehicle could find themselves being issued a $349 fine by NSW Police.

VIC: Any cyclists in Victoria found breaking Rule 254 on the roads will get hit with a hefty fine of $227 by Victoria Police.

QLD: Should any cyclists in Queensland find themselves being towed by a moving vehicle, they are likely going to be issued with a fine of $137 by the authorities.

SA: South Australia takes a more relaxed approach to cyclists breaking Rule 254 although offending riders will find themselves hit with a combined fine of $154.

WA: Over in Western Australia, cyclists will be hit with a $50 fine should WA Police find them riding a bike that is being towed.

TAS: Tasmania Police don’t mess around with anyone riding a bike that is being towed on the roads and they will issue offending cyclists with a $130 fine.

ACT: If anyone in Canberra is found to be riding a bike that is being towed on the open road, they will be given an on the spot fine of $134.

NT: Classified as a General Offence by NT Police, any cyclist in the Northern Territory found riding a bike that is being towed will be issued with a minimum fine of one penalty unit – worth $157.

As you can see, the authorities won’t hesitate to punish any cyclists they think are causing a hazard on the roads, especially if they aren’t in full control of the bike itself.

It’s a reminder that even cyclists need to be aware of road rules when out and about to ensure they and other road users stay safe whenever they hit the tarmac.

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