This Aussie city among world’s top 10 for livability

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The city of East Melbourne on a cloudy day.
Melbourne is the most liveable city in Australia. (Source: Getty)

Australia is regarded as a great place to live, but just one Aussie capital has managed to sneak into the top 10 most liveable cities in the world.

Melbourne has made the top 10 list for livability in the world while other popular Australian cities actually fell in their rankings from last year.

According to the Economists Intelligence Unit (EIU) this was the first time in two years the list wasn’t hugely impacted by the pandemic.

“For the past two years, EIU’s global liveability rankings have been largely driven by the COVID-19 pandemic, with lockdowns and social-distancing measures affecting scores for culture, education and health care in cities across the world,” the report said.

“However, in our most recent survey, the index has normalised, as restrictions have been lifted in many countries.”

Here are the top 10 cities to live around the world:

  1. Vienna, Austria

  2. Copenhagen, Denmark

  3. Zurich, Switzerland

  4. Calgary, Canada

  5. Vancouver, Canada

  6. Geneva, Switzerland

  7. Frankfurt, Germany

  8. Toronto, Canada

  9. Osaka, Japan

  10. Melbourne, Australia

The top 10 rankings were dominated by western European cities, along with several from Canada.

In general, mid-sized cities in the wealthiest countries tended to fare exceptionally well in the survey, EIU said.

“The top 10 cities are also among those with few COVID restrictions,” the report said.

“Shops, restaurants and museums have reopened, as have schools. And pandemic-led hospitalisation has declined, leading to less stress on healthcare resources and services, and even the requirement to wear masks is no longer in force in most situations.”

Aussie cities decline

Cities in New Zealand and Australia were listed among the biggest fallers in the rankings this year.

EIU said despite both countries benefiting in early 2021 when COVID vaccines were scarce, a more infectious strain made prolonged closed borders less of a defence.

“In Australia, some states were slower to lift restrictions than others,” the report said.

“As a result, Perth and Adelaide have lost ground since last year, and Melbourne is once again Australia’s highest-ranked city.

“Adjusting policy dynamically will remain key to staying on top.”

The biggest movers down the rankings were:

  1. Wellington, New Zealand - fell 46 spots

  2. Auckland, New Zealand - fell 33 spots

  3. Adelaide, Australia - fell 27 spots

  4. Perth, Australia - fell 26 spots

  5. Houston, United States - fell 25 spots

  6. Reykjavik, Iceland - fell 25 spots

  7. Madrid, Spain - fell 24 spots

  8. Taipei, Taiwan - fell 20 spots

  9. Barcelona, Span - fell 19 spots

  10. Brisbane, Australia - fell 17 spots

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