Think Twice Before Cooking Scrambled Eggs In Boiling Water

Scrambled eggs with on toast
Scrambled eggs with on toast - Lauripatterson/Getty Images

There are a multitude of ways to cook an egg but scrambling them is by far one of the more straightforward. You simply whisk your eggs in a bowl and, if you wish, add a pinch of salt or pepper. Then, just wait for the oil or butter to heat in the pan and pour in the eggs, letting them cook ever so slightly. Finally, you gently fold the eggs as they cook and voila -- scrambled eggs.

Whether you want hard scrambled eggs or soft, fluffy ones, oil and butter are always a component. However, some people, such as the user in this TikTok, are opting for water instead of fat to cook their eggs. After swirling around boiling water to create a vortex, they pour in the eggs, letting the water cook them in under a minute.

Although this essentially sounds like a deconstructed poached egg, some people swear that this method delivers fluffy scrambled eggs. We put it to the test so that you don't have to. You're welcome.

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What Happens When You Scramble Eggs In Water?

Scrambled eggs with parsley
Scrambled eggs with parsley - Nata Bene/Shutterstock

Water is more than just an ingredient in your cooking; it's also the fastest way to get bland, soggy eggs. While there's no way to prevent eggs made with the boiling water method from getting watery considering how they're cooked, we tried to combat the lack of taste by salting the eggs and the water more than usual, which provided the eggs with more flavor than expected.

Yet, our eggs still came out quite tasteless -- one could only compare the sensation to eating seasoned eggs while recovering your sense of taste after having COVID-19. There was a hint of salt and pepper, but not in every bite, so we would recommend seasoning the eggs after cooking. They were also extremely soggy; even after we pressed out the excess water before plating, the eggs were still swollen with water weight.

One could perceive that extra bloat as fluffiness, in theory, but there's no need to sacrifice flavor for texture when you can have both. For soft and fluffy scrambled eggs, beat them well to add air and scramble them right when you add them to the pan. You should also remove them immediately before they start to solidify since they'll finish cooking on their own.

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