Things You Should Have Done star reacts to Joanna Page's scathing review

lucia keskin, things you should have done
Things You Should Have Done star on bad reviewsJack Barnes - BBC

Things You Should Have Done creator and star Lucia Keskin has posted a humorous response to Joanna Page's negative review of her show.

Keskin's coming-of-age series just debuted on the BBC, but it turns out the Gavin and Stacy star wasn't exactly a fan. After hearing Page's scathing comments on her podcast Off the Telly, which the actress co-hosts with Eastenders' Natalie Cassidy, Keskin replied with a video posted to TikTok.

In the clip, Keskin is eating a banana as the audio of Page's review plays on. Whilst the show writer looks hopeful at first, she turns increasingly shocked as she listens to Page sharing her thoughts.

lucia keskin, things you should have done
Jack Barnes - BBC

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"Things You Should Have Done? You know what things I should have done – not bothered to f***ing watch it," Page says on her podcast.

"I think she's obviously talented but I thought the show was s**t. I don't often think that," the star continues. "I want to say: 'Well done on you right because you got your own show.' I haven't got my own show. I've not written anything so you know, flipping heck, that's amazing."

However, Page puts the final nail in the coffin though by repeating the word "bored" five more times.

"I thought it was unbearable. It's not often I can't watch something. I was so bored," she said.

"My mother could have written it. My mother could have done it. I just thought: 'My God, this is just unbearable. I'm so bored. I just genuinely am bored.'"

After listening to her show being criticised, Keskin walks over to a framed photo of the Gavin and Stacey cast and sticks a post-it note with the word 'Bald' (possibly a nod to the repetition of the word "bored") and a broken heart drawn on it on Page's character's face.

lucia keskin, things you should have done
Jack Barnes - BBC

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Keskin elaborated on her response on Twitter/X, saying: "Criticism is expected with everything, it's a given. HOWEVER there is a way of doing so without making someone feel terrible about their work whilst being in the industry themselves. Dealing with 'critics' is hard enough."

Page has not publicly commented in response to Keskin's reaction video.

Things You Should Have Done is available on BBC iPlayer.

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