‘They’re not the smartest blokes going around’: Thieves caught on video stealing a motorbike

A video has emerged of a brazen thief caught in the act stealing a motorbike from a Melbourne university car park in broad daylight.

The clip was shared to Facebook page Thomastown 3074 on Thursday, believed to have been recorded the same day.

The accompanying caption reads: “THEIF CAUGHT RED HANDED at RMIT BUNDOORA… Not a care in the world being filmed or with security on site. Obviously he lives local idiot who tows a stolen bike.”

Thieves caught on camera stealing a motorbike are unfazed they are being recorded in the act. Pictures: Facebook/Thomastown 3074

The video shows a man wearing a dark hoodie and baseball cap taking a spanner and screwdriver to a parked motorbike, believed to be at the RMIT university campus at Bundoora, in Melbourne's north.

An accomplice waits in a white sedan nearby with the motor running while the man attempts to smash the bike’s steering lock.

One of the bystanders watching the robbery unfold yells: “We got ya”, but the thief, whose face is covered, ignores him and continues tinkering with the steering lock until it is free.

The criminal can be seen wheeling the bike out if the parking space as a campus security guard arrives, appearing helpless to stop the theft.

The man recording the video tells the guard: “That's not mine. He's stealing it for sure."

“Call the cops straight up,” he says.

The thief is caught on camera tinkering with the bike's steering lock with a spanner. Picture: Facebook/Thomastown 3074

The thief rides alongside the car, then the driver throws a yellow rope out, which the thief attaches to the bike.

The man sits on the bike as the car tows it from the carpark as the video cuts.

Detective Senior Sergeant Brett Meadows told Melbourne’s 3AW radio hosts Ross and John the pair of criminals left the bike in the middle of the road after it crashed.

“They’re not the smartest blokes going around," Sgt Meadows said.

"He's got a pretty large screwdriver, you'd want to be real careful if you're going to get close to people like that."

He said offenders like those in the video didn't care they were being filmed.

A witness told the radio station he saw the bike fall as it was lead around a corner and the rider came off.

A campus security guard arrives on the scene but appears helpless during the theft. Picture: Facebook/Thomastown 3074

"There was a bit of damage to it and a bit of damage to the bloke I think when he came off,” he said.

The witness said the thieves weren’t able to get the bike started, so they tried to tow it with the rope seen in the video, before “dumping it in the middle of the road and taking off”.

Police are investigating the incident.

The video has been shared over one thousand times on social media.

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