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Mum may have broken neck after ice bucket challenge fall
Mum may have broken neck after ice bucket challenge fall

A British mum has a possible broken neck after slipping over while doing the ice bucket challenge.

The Daily Mail reported that Amanda Davey was running inside to dry herself of after being soaked in ice water when she slipped on some tiles and was knocked unconscious.

Once she came around, her speech was slurred - and doctors suspected she could have a broken neck. Ms Davey was later diagnosed with severe whiplash and bruising

The video is now an online hit with more than 1500 likes on Facebook.

Ms Davey was quoted as saying her legs went from under her and she was knocked out for a few seconds.

"When I opened my eyes my mum was asking if I was OK," she said.

"I had pins and needles all down my arms and when I went to speak slurred words came out. I had only had half a glass of wine, so I know it wasn't that. "

She told the Mail she tried to take the swelling down with frozen vegetables but when she was unable to move her neck the next morning she went to hospital.

"The hospital thought I might have broken my neck and I was there for three hours but the doctor said I had been very lucky and only had severe whiplash.

"In hospital they told me they had had a few people come in who had slipped and banged themselves."

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