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Carnival goer punched for standing up to groper
Mary Brandon was assaulted.

A British woman has posted pictures of horrible injuries she says were sustained after she told a man to stop groping her at London's popular Notting Hill Carnival.

The London Evening Standard reported that Mary Brandon posted the pictures of her bruised face on Facebook with the message that a man "took a swing at me and punched me in the face" when she told him to leave her alone.

Brandon said she spent nine hours in an emergency ward and thanked "incredible" NHS staff who treated her at the scene.

"Carnival is supposed to be about community and good vibes," Ms Brandon wrote.

"I wanted to have a good time but instead I spent 9 hours in A&E because of this coward. I’m so pissed off that this man thought it was OK to hit me because I said no to him."

The Facebook message has since been shared thousands of times.

Brandon's friend Rebecca Hammerton told the Standard the pair had only been at the carnival for 15 minutes when the incident happened.

“After she pushed him away he started walking off and then a couple of people were laughing, which we think damaged his ego," she said.

“He walked back and swung round and punched her in the face with a right hook punch, using the force of his whole body.

Scotland Yard said detectives were investigating allegations of grievous bodily harm in Notting Hill.

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