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Lynching sees three accused rapists burned alive in Guatemala
Three men were killed in the lynching.

A trio of accused rapists and kidnappers were tied to a tree and burned alive by an angry mob in a revenge attack in Guatemala.

Deputy provincial police chief Henry Delgado confirmed the deaths of brothers Enrique, 26, and Rigoberto Martinez Ramos, 18, as well as their 18-year-old nephew Leonardo Herrera.

The incident took place in a village called Yalamciop, near the town of San Mateo Ixtatan in the country's north-western province of Huehuetenango, reported News Corp.

Delgado said the mob captured the men last Saturday and authorities confirmed police tried to intervene to stop the killings from taking place.

Erick Villatoro, a representative from the national ombudsman’s office in Huehuetenango, said the lynching of the three men was an "incorrect" way of applying justice.

Yet vigilante justice has been widespread in Guatemala following signing of peace accords in 1996, which ended the country's 36-year civil war.

According to human rights watchdog Mutual Support Group, 36 people were killed and 173 injured in lynchings in 2013.

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