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Beasts from the deep blue cause a fright
Beasts from the deep blue cause a fright

A man on a diving trip has received a terrifying fright from a whale shark, with the shocking close encounter captured on video.

Busy focusing on filming a fish, the diver receives a major shock when two of the giant sea creatures came far too close for comfort.

The man’s companion is seen next to one of the whale sharks frantically pointing to another heading straight towards the pair of them in the Atlantic Ocean.

The diver filming lets out several screams of shock before managing to move out of the way.

He then chuckles at his own reaction.

Whale sharks are slow-moving, filter feeding sharks so were no threat to the pair.

But at a size measuring up to about 12 metres it is an understandable reaction to scream at the shock of such an enormous sea beast appearing right in frot of one’s face.

The whale shark filled the entire video shot at the moment that the diver recieved one huge shock. Source: YouTube

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