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Murdered teen April Millsap’s ominous final text: ‘OMG, I think I’m being kidnapped’
14-year-old April Millap was found murdered last Thursday.

A text sent by a schoolgirl who was murdered while out walking her dog may help lead police to her killer, it has emerged.

The disturbing message sent from schoolgirl, April, 14 to her boyfriend read “OMG, I think I’m being kidnapped”.

April's text proved to be the last sent from teenager’s phone.

April Millap, 14, was murdered last week. Source: AP Images

The 14-year-old’s body was found on Thursday night by a couple on a well-known nature trail, near Detroit, Michigan after their dog Penny led them to the grim discovery.

April’s grandfather Dennis Levans told the Detroit Free Press that family believed her murderer was known to them.

“That's what we think," said Mr Levans.

”It's almost like it had to be something like somebody knew them. We can't think of any other reason. We can't come up with any other logical reason. We’re at a loss.”

“She was just a beautiful young lady.”

Police investigate the are around where April's body was discovered. Source: AP Images

Mr Levans said that April’s boyfriend first thought she was joking before realising she had gone missing.

“Sometimes kids can be silly,” Mr Levans said. “He might have thought of it as being a prank or something.”

Police are continuing their investigations and have released a sketch of a man that witnesses saw on a trail.

Source: AP Images

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