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Lonely birthday turned celebration after grandson s appeal
Lonely birthday turned celebration after grandson's appeal

An American World War II veteran has been overwhelmed with birthday wishes from around the world after fearing that he would spend his 88th birthday alone.

Poor health had forced Gene Moore, 88, into a retirement home and with his birthday fast approaching his family was worried he would have few friends to celebrate the day.

Mr Moore's wife, Nola, 85, asked her grandson Jon to spread the word of the birthday.

Mr and Mrs Moore have been married for 66 years. Photo: Reddit

Jon turned to social media site Reddit, asking people to send birthday cards to his grandfather for his birthday.

Reddit users did the rest and Mr Moore celebrated in style last week.

Mr Moore received 40 cards and more than 300 emails from all over the world, the Daily Mail reported.

Proud and thankful grandson's posted pictures of the many letters they recieved with the caption 'Letters from EVERYWHERE! The two most represented places seemed to be Canada and Pennsylvania! 95% of the letters and postcards were from complete strangers!'. Photo: Reddit

Mr Moore told the Daily Mail: "No-one in my family knew I was going to post it to Reddit, and no one anticipated the amazing response we got.

"I figured that if even two people sent cards, then my grandparents would be overjoyed.

"I compiled together some photos of my grandparents for the Reddit post, including one from his days in the Navy during World War Two.

Mr Moore (right) posing with a friend when he served in the US Navy on the USS John A. Bole. Photo: Reddit

"He was a Navy Postman on the USS John A. Bole, so it was almost ironic that the man who carried letters of love for so many people during the war was finally getting letters himself."

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