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Worn torn Gaza as seen from space
Worn torn Gaza as seen from space

Astronaut Alexander Gerst has captured the war in Gaza from the most unlikely view to date – the view from space.

In this terrifying image the German Astronaut has managed to capture the horror of the worsening crisis from far above the earth.

From the International Space Station, which orbits around 350 kilometers above the earth, Alexander Gerst tweeted a photo of the troubled region last week. Clusters of lights indicating built up areas break through the darkness.

Gaza as seen from space. What looks like an explosion can be seen in the center. Photo: Twitter

However it is the explosions caught on camera that really shocks. Amidst those city lights large bursts of light can be seen peppering the images. These burst are thought to be artillery from Israeli impacting the ground.

Mr Gerst has been orbiting the Earth for 57 days and has described the photo as his saddest yet.

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The United Nations on Wednesday launched an inquiry into human rights violations and crimes that might have been committed by Israeli military.

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