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More haunting vision from UK pub
More haunting vision from UK pub

New footage has emerged of what appears to be a ghost in the window of Britain’s “most haunted pub”.

A tourist has filmed a 19 second clip that shows a light flickering in Bolton’s 763-year-old Ye Olde Man and Scythe, the Manchester Evening News reports.

Just as the man refers to a CCTV clip, which became an internet hit after it was first published February, something strange can be seen in a first floor window.

Pub manager Tony Dooley says the clip is further proof the pub is haunted.

Mr Dooley’s flat is behind the window and he said before he became manager nine months ago he didn’t believe in ghosts. But now he is convinced.

The first “ghost video” came after the manager checked CCTV cameras and discovered a strange, luminous figure flickering around the bar.

The pub’s owner Richard Greenwood said he is now trying to get in touch with the person who shot the latest video.

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