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Unlocking the mystery of buried safe
A UK couple are desperate to unlock the mystery of a safe found buried under their garden pond.

A UK couple are desperate to unlock the mystery of a safe found buried under their garden pond.

An enormous, rusty safe was found when David Maguire, 34, was working in the garden, according to the Chronicle Live.

When David and his wife Nikki attempted to move the locked safe across the garden, they could hear something rattling around inside.

“We’d seen this bit of bronze metal poking out from where the old pond used to be for a while but just thought it was part of an old pump,” said Nikki.

“We were completely amazed when it turned out to be the top of a safe.

“My house was built in the 1920s, but this looks a lot older than that. Before my house was built there was flats here. I don’t know if it’s been brought up here to be buried especially when they were building the houses. We’ve just got no idea,”

“It’s so heavy to lift, we can barely do it between us, so we’ve had to roll it across the garden and we can hear there’s something inside. It could just be soil after all these years, but it might be something interesting, you never know!”

The Gateshead house the couple live in was built in the 1920s, but they think the safe may be even older.

The safe is made by Milners, a company that began manufacturing in 1814.

But as no key was found with safe its contents so far remain a mystery.

The Maguires have contacted a locksmith to open the safe, hopefully without damaging it.


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