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Man clings to back of car travelling 85km/h
Man clings to back of car travelling 85km/h

Drivers in North Carolina watched in horror as a man travelling on the boot of a car smashed the rear window.

The unidentified man was on the back of a car travelling about 85km/h along the Interstate 77, according to the NY Daily News.

He reportedly broke into the rear window with a sharp object as other drivers travelling along the highway tried to avoid the spectacle.

The Cruz family where in the lane next to the car and the mother pulled out her phone to record the man clinging on for life.

“It was weird. I thought it was a dummy at first,” her son, Samuel Cruz, 17, told WSOC-TV.

According to the NY Daily Mail, Cruz saw the man smash the rear window and then crawl inside.

The teenager told the TV station he was concerned for the woman driving the car as there appeared to be a child inside.

Troopers have reportedly not been able to track the driver down.

Read the NY Daily News report

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