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US soccer star in booze-fueled assault
US soccer star in booze-fueled assault

Olympic gold medal-winning soccer player Hope Solo was "going psychotic" during a rampage in a Seattle home, according to a man who made an emergency call about the incident.

According to gossip website TMZ an unidentified caller asked for help and said the 32-year-old goalie was going berserk.

“Hope Solo is going psychotic,” the caller said.

“She’s f-----g beating people up! We need help!”

The New York Daily Post reported that police soon after to find the drunken star athlete had assaulted her sister and punched her 17-year-old nephew as he tried to fend her off with a BB gun.

Hope Solo is one of the USA's most popular football players. Photo: Getty Images

She was freed without bail this week and ordered to stay away from alcohol and not to contact her sister or nephew.

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