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Man seeks surgery to shrink 45kg scrotum
Man seeks surgery to shrink 45kg scrotum

An American man is turning to the public to help cure an embarrassing condition.

Dan Maurer's scrotum weighs 45kg and he wants in removed.

The Michigan resident told TV station WZZM people stare at him in the street and it has affected his relationship with his wife Mindy.

"I don't want to lose her," Mr Maurer said.

He said he began noticing his scrotum getting bigger in his late 20s but all his doctor told him was to lose weight.

"So, I was doing two miles a day in the pool, so I lost 50 pounds like that."

His growth was still getting bigger so he was given a referral to the University of Michigan Health System.

Again the diagnosis was to lose weight.

One day Mr Maurer got sick and had to go back to the doctor.

Dan Maurer is hoping his plea for help can win him the funds he needs for surgery. Photo:

"They admitted me like right away. There is something seriously wrong," he told WZZM.

Mr Maurer was diagnosed with a broken cyst inside the scrotum.It wasn't until he saw a TV show called The Man with the 132-Pound Scrotum, that he knew there was hope.

Both Mr Maurer and the man in the TV show had scrotal lymphedema, a rare condition caused by blockages in the lymphatic vessels.

According to WZZM, Mr Maurer's only hope is surgery performed by a doctor in California

Mr Maurer needs to raise $20,000 for the surgery.

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