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Bashed Roma teen left for dead in shopping trolley
Darius was "quickly hunted, kidnapped, held, beaten and left to die".

WARNING: Graphic content. Pictures have emerged of a Roma teenager who was beaten and left for dead in a supermarket trolley in France.

According to the Daily Mail, vigilantes kidnapped the 16-year-old boy, known as Darius, from the camp he shares with his family on the outskirts of Paris.

The gang rang Darius' mother demanding a €12,000 ransom for his return.

When the ransom was not paid the thugs bashed Darius before dumping him in a shopping trolley and leaving it on the roadside.

Paris doctors have placed the youth in a medically induced coma following the brutal assault.

Police confirmed to the Daily Mail that Darius was set upon on Friday night by a "dozen masked men on waste ground".

The boy's mother has told detectives that she received a call from the vigilantes on his abandoned mobile phone.

Local prosecutor Sylvie Moisson said the Roma boy was held in a basement by men wearing masks after he was linked to a burglary.

Ms Moisson said it was an act of barbarism and that Darius was "quickly hunted, kidnapped, held, beaten and left to die".

The shocking image showing brutally beaten Darius left for dead in a supermarket trolley. Source: MailOnline
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