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While the World Cup is in full swing, men of the Islamist group ISIS have made a grisly contribution to the World Cup fever on social media by posting brutal footage of their executions.

Islamic militants apparently blindfolding a man before beheading him. Photo: Twitter

One shocking video shows ISIS militants knocking on the door to the home of a policeman, blindfolding and cuffing him before carving his head off while religious hymns are playing in the background.

An image of the decapitated head was later posted on Twitter with the caption: “This is our ball. It is made of skin #WorldCup”.

By posting their torture videos and photos online, the militants hope to send a message to the world, that that they are unstoppable.

While the Islamic militants are sweeping through town after town executing people, at one occasion killing 17 people in one street alone, US president Barack Obama is struggling with the situation. Two and a half years after withdrawing troops from Iraq, he is left with few options on how to help its government.

Islamic militants apparently blindfolding a man before beheading him. Photo: Twitter

Obama is expected to give an announcement in coming days stating what help he will offer the troubled nation. US officials have said that the current options are air strikes on Sunni insurgents and expanded training of Iraqi security forces. Sending combat troops has been ruled out.

There is a lot of skepticism regarding Washington’s will as well as power to stop the fast approaching civil war, with some saying America is powerless to control the situation.

“It is a colossal mess,” one senior US official told Reuters.

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