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Chinese man attacks students with knife, injures eight
A cleaver-wielding attacker went on a rampage at a Chinese primary school in Macheng, in central China's province of Hubei.

Chilling CCTV pictures have emerged showing a Chinese man armed with a meat cleaver attacking first- and second-graders at a school in central China, injuring eight.

The government of Macheng city in Hubei province said the man, identified as 35-year-old Chen Zuihang, was detained following the attack. It said on its website that police were investigating the motive.

CCTV pictures show 35-year-old suspect Chen making his way into the school. Photo: AFP/Getty.

The statement said the injured students were being treated at a hospital.

The CCTV pictures emerged as news unfolded of another stabbing spree in the Henan province, where a dispute between neighbours ended in seven deaths in the Lushan province.

A teacher carries an injured child away from the attacker for medical attention. Photo: AFP/Getty.

China has suffered a series of attacks on kindergartens and grade schools, often by people who are mentally ill or are angry at society.

Last month, a group of eight knife-wielding men slashed at students on their way home, killing one student and injuring two in the northwestern city of Ankang.

A father consoles his son after the attack at the primary school. Photo: AFP/Getty.

Last year, a man injured six pupils and one parent with a kitchen cleaver in the southern city of Maoming.

Education officials have ordered tighter security at schools throughout the country.

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