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College drop-out becomes genius after attack
College drop-out becomes genius after attack

A 31-year-old college drop-outs life was changed forever when he suffered a brain injury after a mugging at a Washington karaoke bar.

Twelve years ago, Jason Padgett sported a mullet, drove a Camaro and was the “life of the party”, according to a Mail Online report.

But, Mr Padgett started to see the world in a whole new light after the incident and became obsessed with math and physics.

Mr Padgett has been diagnosed acquired savant syndrome, in which once-normal people become skilled in math, art or music after a brain injury.

On the night of September 13, 2002, Mr Padgett was attacked by two men who punched him in the back of the head, knocking him unconscious.

The next morning, Mr Padgett woke up and found that his vision had changed.

Jason Padgett before and after the brain injury that turned him into a genius. Photo: Struckbygenius/Facebook

He started the tap in his bathroom and noticed “lines emanating out perpendicularly from the flow”.

Mr Padgett stopped going to work and spent all of his time studying math and physics, focusing on fractals, or repeated geometric patterns.

But there was a downside to his condition. He became obsessed with germs and would wash his hands until they were red.

Mr Padgett thought he was going crazy until he watched a BBC documentary on Daniel Tammet, an autistic savant.

After watching the film he contacted Dr Darold Treffert, an expert on savantism, who diagnosed him with “acquired savant syndrome”.

Mr Padgett has written about the life-altering experience in Struck by Genius: How a Brain Injury Made Me a Mathematical Marvel.

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