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Café has no plans to remove phallic sign
Café has no plans to remove phallic sign

A US business has a sign with a symbol on it so phallic that people can’t help but wonder what it is actually supposed to represent, if not what it really, really looks like.

According to, Market Place & Café in reports that it’s a real sign on a real establishment in Arlington’s Ballston (real name) neighbourhood. tried speaking with the business’s owner, but writes, “The restaurant’s owner declined requests for comment, demanding that an employee leave the store after identifying himself as a reporter — but before even getting a chance to ask about the sign.”

The logo with a symbol that has raised a few eyebrows. Photo:

So, for now, people must wonder what the sign’s symbol is supposed to represent if not, well, you know. It's possible it's a mustachioed man wearing a chef's hat, judging from this picture that shows the symbol in colour from Yelp user Steve L:

The logo could possibly be of a man wearing a chef's hat. Photo: Yelp/Steve L.

According to reviews on Yelp, the café and its sign have been around since at least 2009. By the way, those reviews are excellent.

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