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A disturbing image has been released showing the bedroom of a schoolboy accused of plotting a 'Columbine-style' massacre at a UK nursery school.

It shows the Nazi flag hanging prominently over the bed of 18-year-old Michael Piggin, who is on trial over terror charges at the Old Bailey.

Nazi flag hangs prominently over the bed of 18-year-old Michael Piggin, who is on trial over terror charges at the Old Bailey. Photo: Supplied

The fascist emblem hangs over a map of the world, surrounded by newspaper cuttings showing weapons of war and the leering face of Batman villain The Joker, the MailOnline reports.

The symbol of the Knights Templar is visible in the photograph, which was shown to the jury.

Liverpool FC curtains hang from the walls and messy bedclothes site on the bed, surrounded by clutter in the snapshot, which was shown to jurors.

'This is the scene that confronts officers when they entered the room,' prosecutor Gareth Patterson told the court.

Though not shown in the image, the court heard how Piggin also used his bedroom to stockpile an arsenal of pipe bombs, air rifles and partially-assembled petrol bombs.

Piggin planned to bomb a school, a university and a mosque, the court heard. He also allegedly wrote a message to one of his friends claiming he hit his mother after fighting the urge to shoot pre-school children in Loughborough.

Piggin also wanted to shoot Muslims at a Mosque in the Leicestershire town, the jury heard.

In a text message he said: 'When you have got your new air pistol we will meet up and will both bring pistols and go for a bit of a shooting session down at the Mosque.'

'I'm sick of being the outcast when there are some scum that enjoy a better life than me.'

Piggin said he 'felt sorry' for Seung-Hui Cho who shot and killed 32 people in the Virgina Tech massacre in 2007.

A court has heard that 18-year-old Michael Piggin was driven by a paranoia of ‘Islamic invasion of Europe’. Photo: Facebook

The teenager planned the widespread attack when he was 17, compiling a ‘hit list’ of pupils and teachers he wanted to eliminate, the court heard.

He said: 'I am going to be a martyr and become famous so people will look up to me.'

The schoolboy is also alleged to have made videos of himself creating Molotov Cocktails out of wine bottles and throwing them against a wall.

Restrictions on reporting Piggin's name were lifted after he turned 18 in January.

Jurors heard the bomb tests were filmed at the back of a leisure centre in Loughborough, which is also home to a creche, between February and April 2012.

Nine partially completed petrol bombs were found in Piggins’ bedroom together with a jerry can full of petrol, the court heard.

Prosecutor Max Hill QC said: ‘Some of the bombs were loaded with ball-bearings or other forms of shrapnel.

Inspired by the infamous Columbine high school massacre, he compiled a list of six potential targets, including his former school in Loughborough, the town’s university, council offices, a mosque and cinema, it is alleged.

Piggin was arrested in February last year. Police found several notebooks and recordings detailing his alleged plans in his bedroom, as well as a variety of weapons, including IEDs, a crossbow and pyrotechnic fuse cords.

The Old Bailey heard that two of the teenager’s friends, who cannot be named for legal reasons, have pleaded guilty to possessing either petrol bombs or pipe bombs.

But Piggin, who has Asperger’s Syndrome, was set apart from his friends and driven by a paranoia of ‘Islamic invasion of Europe’.

Prosecutor Max Hill QC told the jury that the teenager’s plot and his haul of weaponry was not ‘child’s play’ but a deadly threat.

Piggin denies possessing items for terrorism and a terror manual, but admitted possession of petrol and pipe bombs and components of IEDs.

The trial continues.

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