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Love conquers Kiev chaos
Love conquers Kiev chaos

An extraordinary love affair between two people on opposing sides has blossomed in Kiev amid the chaos and bloodshed of the political upheaval.

A young female protester has told how she fell in love with a police officer after a stand-off in the Ukraine capital.

Lidia Pankiv, 24, said she had been protesting the day she met police officer Andrei.

Pankiv, a journalist, had been among a group of women standing between police and a group of protesters.

She said she was close to the police line when she received a call from a friend and in the course of the conversation she shouted out her number, twice, because of the commotion.

Lidia Pankiv's story remained relatively unknown until she appeared on local television.

She was surprised later when she received a text from one of the officers in the police line.

The officer, who said gave only his first name, Andrei, said he wanted to marry her, the MailOnline reports.

The message said: "Despite all the commotion I remembered your phone number when you gave it to your friend. I don't even know your name.

"I was standing in the night with a shield in front of you. When you stopped us from advancing, I realised that I want to marry you. Andrei.

Pankiv said: "I was really surprised that the message and don't know why I agreed to meet him, I thought perhaps it might be possible to convince him that the side he was on was wrong and I certainly didn't expect to find myself falling in love with him. But when I saw him when I started to speak to him - that is what happened."

Lidia said she was surprised when she received a text from one of the officers in the police line.

Her story remained relatively unknown until she appeared on local television, invited by the station to talk about her extraordinary love affair.

When she appeared on the show, the interview took an unexpected turn.

"It is true that I fell in love with the policeman that I met, but I'm going to tell you another story. I did use my bare hands when I met them, but it was not to fight them, it was so I could drag the bodies of those killed the day before and the day before that of the streets. It is about how two of my best friends killed peacefully protesting.

"I can tell you how I hate (former leader) Yanukovych and all those who carry out their criminal orders.

"I came here today only because I found out that this is a live broadcast. I want to say that I also despise Inter because for three months it deceived viewers and spread enmity among citizens of this country. And now you are calling for peace and unity.

"I've brought these photos here for you, so that you see my dead friends in your dreams and understand that you also took part in that. And now, I'm sorry, I don't have time. I'm going to Maidan. Glory to Ukraine."

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