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Daughter lost to Las Vegas prostitution
Daughter lost to Las Vegas prostitution

A heartbroken mother has told how she lost her teenage daughter to the violent, vice-ridden streets of Las Vegas, where she now works as a prostitute.

Andrea Swanson's daughter, Hannah, was just 16 when she met a boy her parents thought was ideal but who turned out to be a pimp who lured Hannah away into the casino city's seedy underworld.

Andrea, speaking to Britain's Ross Kemp on a television special, said there was little she could do to get her daughter back, despite the involvement of police.

"In the autumn of her junior year at High School, she met this boy," Andrea told Kemp.

Andrea Swanson has spoken out about the heartbreak of losing her daughter Hannah, now 18, to Las Vegas prostitution. Photo: Sky 1.

"All of a sudden, she's not angry anymore and it all seems to be because of this new boyfriend. We were delighted."

"All of a sudden, he ends up in prison for stealing cars. That's where the grooming happened.

"He was writing her letters, filling her head with all these promises... Writing me letters, telling me he cared for my daughter..."

The "boyfriend" spent two years in prison, returned to Hannah and her family but within weeks they were gone.

Chris Boffman has arrested more than 100 pimps during his career in the Las Vegas police force. Photo: Sky 1.

Chris Boffman, the head of Las Vegas police department's human-trafficking section, told the MailOnline that middle-class girls were becoming an increasingly common sight on the streets.

"The catch is, they aren't selling prostitution. It is legal to run an escort company but some of these escort companies are run by pimps," Mr Boffman said.

A so-called pimp is arrested in Las Vegas. Photo: Sky 1.

"With three girls, they can make $1m a year. One of the reasons they're so violent and protective of the women that they're trafficking is that they have so much to gain.

"I've seen everything from women sexually assaulted, group raped, burned with irons, tattoos burned off them with irons, water boarding."

A view of the Las Vegas Strip seen from the Voodoo Lounge at the Rio Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. Photo: Getty.

Andrea says her Hannah admitted to being a prostitute, saying her daughter told her: "You find the drunkest motherf***er on the strip, you proposition him.... then you steal him... you steal him blind. You take his wallet, his watch, whatever. I did it."

Andrea remains estranged from her daughter and has no idea where she currently is.

'We need tourist money in this town, we just don't need it off the backs of our daughters,' she adds.

'The attitude of Vegas is do what you would never do anywhere else, and leave. And you don't ever have to think about it again but my family has been ripped apart.'


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