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Cancer boy, 11, says it s time to stop treatment
Cancer boy, 11, says it's time to stop treatment

The family of an 11-year-old British boy who has been battling cancer for more half of his life have decided to stop treatment.

The Daily Mail reports that Reece Puddington, who was diagnosed with neuroblastoma April 2008, says he doesn't want to continue taking life-prolonging drugs.

Despite the bleak prognosis of an incurable neuroblastoma, by 2010 the Kent youngster seemed to beat the disease. But just two years later doctors told him he had a terminal liver tumour.

"As you can see from the photo I had my MIBG scan today which takes an hour and a half spent like this and I had to keep very still. # brave" - Reece posted this message and photo on Facebook.

According to the Daily Mail, in his online blog this week Reece said it was time to start preparing for his death.

"As you know after the latest scan results I was sent home to rest and think over the two possible options," he wrote.

"I could opt for another trial, but this would mean travelling a lot to the hospital and coping with the side effects, but could also hopefully extend my life, or I could simply do nothing, stay at home and let nature take its course which would lead to me lose my life slightly earlier than if I'd had more treatment.

"My mum had always hoped over the last five to six years that she would have the courage to know when enough was enough.

One of the things on Reece's bucket list was to have breakfast from British pub chain Wetherspoon. He isn't able to go himself so his local Wetherspoon brought breakfast to him in bed. Photo: Facebook/The Reece Puddington Appeal.

"After careful consideration, my mum thought that if she was doing it for herself she would keep sending me for treatment as she wouldn't want to let me go, but if she was doing it for me she'd let me go.

"Well, she's letting me go... "

Last month Reece drew up his bucket-list. It included meeting actor Johnny Depp, seeing his mother Kay learn to drive and building a hobbit house in his back garden, the Daily Mail reports.

His wishes sparked a worldwide effort from well-wishers to realise his dreams, with most of the list ticked off through generous gifts and donations.

Reece Puddington received a special visit from Little Britain stars David Walliams and Matt Lucas. Photo: Facebook/The Reece Puddington Appeal.

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