Amazing photo! Ocean wave image looks like man s face
Amazing photo! Ocean wave image looks like man's face

The strong storms that have lashed the European coast have produced some big waves and powerful images — perhaps none more striking than one captured by a lucky photographer in West Dorset, England.

In the photo, the spray from a 30-foot wave takes the shape of a bearded man's face, with nose, lips and chin clearly visible.

The image was taken by Simon Emmett, who was taking photographs of waves breaking at the Cobb, a man-made harbour in the coastal town Lyme Regis.

Initially, Emmett didn't notice the wave face. Only later, when he looked again, did he realise his photo included the foamy profile.

A spooky face is created by the spray from a wave hitting the harbor in Dorset, England. Photo: Simon Emmett/

The storms have spawned other dramatic footage.

Earlier this week, a train was forced to give up after attempting to cross a flooded section of coastline near Dawlish, England.

One passenger on the stalled train shot footage of waves pounding against the train's windows.

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