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Dad s inspirational spirit lives on in lunch box
Dad's inspirational spirit lives on in lunch box

For most parents, preparing their child's lunch box each morning is a mundane chore.

But for American father Garth Callaghan it's an important part of his legacy and his relationship with his thirteen-year-old daughter, Emma.

When his daughter was in kindergarten, he began writing notes on napkins and leaving them in her lunch box.

Garth Callaghan says writing napkin notes to his daughter has helped cement their bond. Photo: Facebook

As he travelled often for work, a hand-drawn heart or short word were Callaghan's way of showing his daughter that he was thinking about her.

These days, however, the napkin notes are more sentimental.

Callaghan spends his mornings finding suitable and meaningful quotes to send to his daughter. Photo: Facebook

In 2011, Callaghan was diagnosed with cancer and given an eight percent chance of living another five years.

Following his diagnosis, the napkin notes became a powerful way for him to ensure an enduring connection with his daughter.

Emma Callaghan, 13, says she looks forward to her father's notes each day and keeps them all in a scrapbook. Photo: Facebook

The notes transformed from cute messages into words of inspiration, motivation, encouragement or love that Callaghan spends time each morning sourcing.

"At the end of the day, these notes might be the only thing my daughter has left of me," Callaghan told the Times Dispatch.

"As a dad, this is part of my day, (and) I really value this extra level of communication we have," he said.

Garth Callaghan has decided to share his inspirational napkin notes with others via Facebook. Photo: Facebook

Emma too adores the bond she shares with her father via the notes.

She says she keeps most of the notes in a scrapbook, and looks forward to reading them each day.

In addition to sharing his inspirational napkin notes via Facebook, Garth Callaghan has also started sending notes to friends and relatives.

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