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Mother kills daughter in suspected murder-suicide
Mother kills daughter in suspected murder-suicide

A mother who has been described by friends as positive and caring reportedly shot and killed her two young daughters before turning the gun on herself.

Kyler Ramsdell-Oliva, 32, killed her daughters Kenadee, 13, and Isabella, 7, the day after her fiance moved out of their Utah home.

Earlier in the day, the 'distraught' fiance was seen loading boxes into a truck, according to neighbours.

While police didn't name her fiance, they confirmed they had been to the home previously to answer calls of domestic incidents.

"We were there the night before," a police spokesman said.

"There was a civil issue. They had a fight and he came to pick up his property."

13-year-old Kenadee was shot dead by her own mother. Photo: Facebook.

Police say they interviewed her fiance but established he wasn't involved in the deaths.

Ramsdell-Oliva posted about her relationship troubles on Facebook just days earlier.

"I hate people who feel it's their right to come in the middle of a relationship and try to fix it or give their opinion," she wrote.

"You aren't in that relationship for a reason so don't put yourself in between it. Focus on your own life and your own problems."

Kenadee Oliva was 13 years old when she was shot dead. Photo: Facebook.

Friends of Ramsdell-Oliva say they'll remember her as a dear and vibrant person.

"I just thought Kyler was one of the most excitable, vibrant, fun persons I've ever known," Bryan Smith told the Standard Examiner.

"This really surprises me and shocks me to hear this news."

"My dear Kyler... help me friend, now from heaven... how do I explain this to my children? Who spent the night at your house, watched and grew with your babies... wow do I explain this tragedy Kyler? You were so full of positive advice in life... what do you have to say in death???" Sabrina Edwards Ridley posted on Facebook.

On Thursday, a 48-year-old mother-of-two gunned down her two children before turning the gun on herself.

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