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Daughter fed parents lethal drugs, watched them die
Daughter 'fed parents lethal drugs, watched them die'

A woman has told an inquest how she gave her elderly parents poison and then watched them for several minutes as they died.

British woman Georgina Roberts, 59, described to a court how she purchased lethal drugs online and then administered them to her parents David and Elizabeth Arnold along with a chocolate and an alcoholic drink.

"I put it in a cup on dad’s bedside table and another cup next to mum," she told the court.

"I said it would be bitter so they should have a chocolate afterwards. I gave them a chocolate each."

"Dad then had a whisky and mum had a port, I think. They quickly slipped into a deep sleep. I stood there for 20 minutes in stunned silence watching them. It was surreal."

Roberts said she was following her father's instructions and aiding her parents in fulfilling a five-year-old suicide pact.

"I’m a human being who loved my parents very deeply and wanted to help them when they couldn’t help themselves," she said.

“My actions were motivated entirely by compassion and love for my mother and father," the UK Daily Telegraph reports Roberts as saying.

The devoted husband and wife, both aged in their eighties, had decided to end their lives after a leg amputation left him bedridden and her quality of life had deteriorated after being diagnosed with dementia, type 2 diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease, the inquest heard.

David Arnold had reportedly left it to his wife to decide when they would take their own lives.

"Mum told me dad had talked to her. He had had enough and so had she. I knew then this was going to be the hardest day of my life," Roberts told the court.

"I asked if they were sure today was the day. They said it was but they wanted to watch the Proms on TV first."

The Arnolds had reportedly discussed suicide openly with their family and friends for a number of years, and had unsuccessfully attempted to take their lives together in 2011.

A prior attempt to seek assistance from the Dignitas assisted suicide clinic in Switzerland failed because of Mrs Arnold’s dementia.

The hearing heard all three of the Arnolds' children, Georgina, Stephen and Simon, were aware and supportive of their parents' wishes to die together.

The Crown Prosecution Service found it was not in the public's interest to charge Roberts with any offence.

"Mrs Arnold and Dr Arnold had discussed openly and over a period of years their intention to end their lives if they felt their quality of life was deteriorating to a point when it was no longer worth living," said Berkshire coroner, Peter Bedford.

"I fully accept from all the evidence I've heard that Georgina was genuinely motivated by compassion and a genuine desire to carry out her parent's wishes."

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