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Mum gives birth alone after getting trapped at home during snowstorm
Mum gives birth alone after getting trapped at home during snowstorm

As a snowstorm bore down on the Midwest this week, Mariah Grove found herself going into labor — at home and alone. However, Grove was able to successfully give birth despite having to do so all by herself.

"Her due date was not until the 21st. She wanted to see this blizzard. She didn't want to miss out," Grove told RTV6, referring to her new baby girl.

Evangeline Beatrix Grove was born on Sunday night after Grove attempted to reach a midwife and her own mother.

Unfortunately, no one was able to make it through the snowstorm — Indianapolis International Airport posted a measured snowfall of 11.1 inches on Sunday — before Grove’s water broke at around 2am.

"The second she came out, she was crying. She was pink. She's already nursed several times," Grove told RTV6.

"I had no tearing. I couldn't have asked for a better outcome."

Evangeline Beatrix Grove was born while her mother was trapped at home.

Evangeline Beatrix measured in at 20 inches and 7.5 pounds. And though the birthday situation was unique and challenging, Grove said she had planned to have her baby at home all along. She just never planned on doing it entirely on her own.

"Once the water broke and I realised this was it, all fear went away. I realised it wasn't going to help me and that we would be a team and do this together. And we did it," Grove said.

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