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Video of drunk 9-year-old boy goes viral
Video of 'drunk 9-year-old' boy goes viral

A confronting and shocking video of an allegedly drunk nine-year-old boy has gone viral on the internet.

New Zealand police are investigating after the footage of the young boy was posted to YouTube, The New Zealand Herald reports.

Taken at a skate park on Clarke Road in the suburb of Fairfield, the video shows the boy clutching a can of Codys bourbon RTD mix while unable to focus his gaze, walk in a straight line or even stand up.

"I've had an 18 box", the boy can be heard saying in the video.

The child claims his aunt gave him the pre-mixed bourbon drink, and says it's not the first time he's been drunk.

He also tells the cameraman he has smoked marijuana.

The Herald reports the boy's father, who does not have custody of his children, was shocked by the footage.

"My heart is ripping out at the moment, I'm trying to hold it together. It's hard,'' he said.

A nine-year-old boy appeared too drunk to stand up in a video that went viral online. Photo: YouTube

"I haven't seen my boys in that long, you know, and to have somebody ring me up stating that they have seen my son on YouTube wasted as f***, as it says on there - to me, that's an unfit mother, right there," he continued.

The man said he had been in contact with Child, Youth and Family before regarding his children after another of his sons returned from his mother's house with bruises.

"What I want to do is get my sons out of that situation where they're allowed to drink and smoke dope,'' he said.

"My next steps are trying to get hold of someone who can help me out. I want to go to the police, but what are the police going to do, if they sent me son home that's being abused? You know, what are they going to do with this one?''

The video was shot by eighteen-year-old scooter rider Bradley Goudie who said he posted the film online in an effort to draw attention to the growing trend of underage drinking in New Zealand.

"Time to reveal one of the BIGGEST issues in New Zealand, under-aged drinking. This sort of behavior is despicable," Goudie wrote on YouTube.

"Skate parks all over the country are used by up coming thugs as a sort of training area for bad behavior because there are never surveillance camera's or consistent rules/regulations," he said.

"Rocking up to Fairfield skatepark only to find an 8 or 9-year-old highly intoxicated... You may think this video is funny, but there's a point where it becomes serious as alcohol intake can cause serious impalement and damaging to the brain."

Goudie said police had requested he remove the video from YouTube to protect himself, but was reluctant to do so considering several news agencies had already picked it up.

He recommended stronger regulation and surveillance at New Zealand skate parks to curb the drug and alcohol culture.

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