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Secret behind King Tutankhamun s mummification laid bare
Secret behind King Tutankhamun's mummification laid bare

Scientists have made some interesting discoveries about Egypt’s King Tutankhamun, with claims certain aspects of his mummification were to make him seem like the god Osiris.

The well-known mummy was embalmed with his penis erect, and he was smothered in a black liquid that may have caused him to set on fire, the New York Post reported.

He was also found with his heart missing, which researchers now believe was an attempt to mimic the god of the underworld.

Professor at the American University in Cairo, Salima Ikram, believed that the reason Tutankhamun has his penis embalmed erect was to evoke Osiris's regenerative powers.

In a paper published in the journal Études et Travaux, Ikram argued that the unusual mummification was an attempt to return Egypt to the old ways, where a mix of gods was the dominant religion.

“Tutankhamun is shown as a fully fledged Osiris — not simply a wrapped mummy,” Ms Ikram said in the paper.

“This representation of the king as Osiris is unique in the Valley of the Kings: Other tombs show the king being embraced by Osiris or offering to him.”

He also said the thick embalming oils used on the king may have literally cooked his body while it was in the sarcophagus.

“The mass of oils and resins applied to Tutankhamun’s body might also allude to the black color associated with Osiris as lord of the land of Egypt, dark with the rich soil of the inundation, and the source of fertility and regeneration,” Ikram said.

“One can speculate that at this delicate historical/religious time, it was thought that the usual modes for the transformation of the king were not sufficient, and so the priest-embalmers prepared the body in such a way so as to literally emphasize the divinity of the king and his identification with Osiris.”

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