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Teen confesses to beating and stabbing mother in Christmas Eve attack
Teen 'confesses' to beating and stabbing mother in Christmas Eve attack

A 17-year-old boy allegedly beat and hacked his own mother to death after a heated argument on Christmas in Florida.

According to police, William Brandon Aydelott calmly confessed and even smiled as he admitted to slashing the throat of Sharon Hill Aydelott.

Police also allege he jammed a kitchen knife into her eye socket and beat her with a baseball bat at her Gulf Breeze home.

Sharon Hill Aydelott (left) was allegedly brutally killed by her teen son, William. Photo: Facebook/Florida Police.

The teen was a promising pitcher in his high school baseball team but had been in an on-and-off relationship with his mother, according to NWF Daily.

Police say he described in detailed how he struck his mother multiple times with the bat before slashing her throat and jamming the knife into her eye.

Police allege William calmly confessed to his mother's murder, and even smiled during the admission. Photo: Twitter.