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Woman loses eye after jealous husband attacks
Woman loses eye after jealous husband attacks

In a shocking case of jealousy gone too far, a husband has gouged out his wife's eyes after finding out she was seeing another man and wanted a divorce.

The woman, named only as Li, had reportedly already left the man earlier after months of abuse, the Want China Times reported.

Despite the relationship starting out well, after a mere few months the man, only known as Long, changed and became aggressive and demanded she pay her family's debt.

The report said the woman was beaten and stripped naked when she refused to pay the debt.

Long threatened to harm his ex-wife's family if she left him, and later intimidated the woman into marrying him.

Finally, Li fled to her hometown of Yulin and met a new man through a friend.

However, Long managed to find them and attacked the new boyfriend. He also gouged one of Li's eyes out with his bare hands.

He later called police to hand himself in and has been in custody since.

The chinese report said doctors were unable to re-attach Li's eye.