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One-punch attack caught on security video
One-punch attack caught on security video

A British man has been jailed for three-and-a-half years for manslaughter after a one-punch attack on an alleged love rival sent the man crashing to the ground causing a massive brain injury.

The moment Alexander Frew punched Matthew Welford was caught on security vision.

It shows Mr Welford, who had been standing close to Frew during a heated row, with his hands in his pockets collapse backwards at the force of the punch.

Frew had confronted Mr Welford and accused of having an affair with this wife, Sarah, the Mailonline reports.

Mr Welford died in hospital eight days after the fight in the car park of club in West Yorkshire.

Frew was found of guilty of manslaughter.

The court was told that Frew and Mrs Welford had twice stayed in a hotel together.

He insisted that they had not had sexual relations, but admitted they kissed during the second visit.

Judge Geoffrey Marson said: "It is perfectly obvious that Matthew Welford believed you were attracted to his wife and as a result there were a number for confrontations before June 4."

The court was told that there had been several confrontations between the two on the day of the argument.

Few said he only punched Mr Welford was because he feared he would head butt him, the Mailonline reports.

Mr Marson said: 'The fall caused a massive brain injury of which Matthew died several days later.

Mr Welford's family said in a statement after the case: "Matthew's death in such sudden and tragic circumstances has had a devastating effect on the family.

"When we visited him in hospital he was unrecognisable and we can't get those haunting images out of our heads.

"Our message to people is to be the bigger person and use their common sense. If you get into a situation with someone then just walk away. That other person is someone's son, father, brother and just a moment of violence can ruin their life and yours forever."

Detective Chief Inspector Nick Wallen, of West Yorkshire Police, said: "This is a truly tragic case. It demonstrates all too vividly the very grave consequences of throwing that one punch."