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CCTV shows girl led away before being raped, murdered
CCTV shows girl led away before being raped, murdered

New CCTV pictures have been released in Thailand showing the horrifying moment a six-year-old girl was led away by a stranger's hand before being allegedly brutally raped and strangled.

A 32-year-old man has been arrested for the rape and murder of the girl, nicknamed 'Cartoon', after he was caught leading her away from a train station in Bangkok ten days ago.

The child's father, Sayan Petchdon, said they had been at a Thai folk music concert on the night of December 6, according to The Standard.

Cartoon had fallen asleep in her father's truck before she was led away by a man known as 'Nui'.

He said he took her to sleep in his truck outside the venue at 10pm, and when he returned one hour later she was gone.

Sayan reportedly wept uncontrollably when he was shown his daughter's floral pants after her body was found in a deserted area in Bangkok.

“I’m sorry my girl. I shouldn’t have left you in the truck. The mean man hurt you,” he reportedly told police.

The missing person alert before Cartoon's body was found.

The alleged rapist and murderer, known only as 'Nui', had only been released from jail last August after serving three years and eight months for the abduction of a child under 15.

There are already comparisons between this horror case in Thailand and the abduction and murder of James Bulger, the young boy caught on camera being led away by 10-year-old Jon Venables and Robert Thompson from a shopping centre in the UK in February 1993.