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Jogger it by flying deer
Jogger it by flying deer

After a difficult day at the office, Krystine Rivera never thought her day would get worse.

That was until she decided to go on an 11km jog, the Washington Post reported.

Running along a path near a road in Ashburn, Virginia, Rivera never would have expected to have a deer fly at her.

An SUV had struck the poor animal, sending it flying into Rivera's path and slammed into her.

She didn't realise at first and it wasn't until paramedics told her they had to cut away her running shirt "because it had deer blood all over it" that she figured out what had happened.

“That’s when I knew a deer was part of this,” Rivera said.

She said that she never saw anything coming.

“I was running, then I was on the ground and then was listening to the paramedic. I’m surprised I made it out alive,” she said.

Rivera was rushed to hospital and suffered concussion, a cut to her scalp and a bruise to her right knee.

“I’d thought that the run would make me feel better after work,” Rivera said.

Despite the traumatic experience, Rivera says it's not going to put her off running the same track again.