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Ah Christmas - the season of joy, giving and - if you're a seven-year-old - unapologetic greed.

After all, when there's a jolly magical fellow in the North Pole whose sole purpose is to make your dreams come true, why wouldn't you dream big?

Well that's certainly the approach Drew Magary's daughter took when it was time to write up her Christmas wish list.

The list begins with "New American Girl Doll of the Year 2014," which is quickly followed up with "A bead kit like [my friend's]." All fairly reasonable so far, right?

Well keep reading, unless you're a busy elf with a heart condition.

Drew Margary's seven-year-old daughter is not backwards in coming forward. Photo: ABC News (US)

The seven-year-old also requests "a little thing that can turn into anything at anytime."

O...k. And it goes on, "1,000 bucks... a new canape that glows up... a grill... a black, light blue, green, purple, and pink North Faces."

Tickled by his daughter's boldness, Magary posted the list on his blog, where it caught the attention of ABC News (US).

"She's so, so bold," Magary told the TV station. "I couldn't turn down the boldness if I tried."

Anyone else getting a black rist bange this year?. Photo: ABC News (US)

The list goes on and on. "A lightup Razor Scooter that is the color blue," precedes every child's ultimate request, "a pet puppy," but this one should specifically be a "Border collie with a [peace sign collar] and a leash."

So how did her dad respond to such an ecclectic list of demands?

"Oh, I laughed! I thought it was great," Margary said. "She's very matter of fact about this stuff. 'This is what I want. Go get it for me.'"