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Gun game ends in man s death
'Gun game' ends in man's death

Florida police are investigating the shooting death of a 22-year-old man in what appears to be a game gone wrong.

Police said Erin Steele, 20, picked up a handgun thinking it wasn't loaded.

The gun discharged, shooting her boyfriend Justin Holt in the chest. He died in hospital.

The incident happened after Ms Steele, Mr Holt and friend Joshua Henry were involved in shooting the gun when it was not loaded.

Local news reports from WPBF said Mr Henry had taken the pistol to an apartment where the game began.

Police said that when the game ended Mr Henry loaded the gun and left it on a counter.

When Ms Steele picked it up later she still thought it was not loaded, pointed it at Mr Hold and fired.

A 911 call released by Florida police reveals a frantic attempt to get help.

"Please help me, ma'am!" a man shouted at the start of the call, according to the Sun Sentinel newspaper.

"There was an accident. There was a very bad accident. Someone picked up my firearm by mistake, ma'am, and someone got shot. Please, please come."

Ms Steele has not been charged.

Mr Holt's family has reportedly told police that they don't want her charged.

"We have a lot of compassion for her because she's got to live with that, no matter what she does, for the rest of her life,' Holt's grandfather, Michael DiFiore, 82, told the Sun Sentinel.