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Eighteen year-old Indian daily labourer, Abdul Rahman holds his 18 month old daughter Roona Begum

A toddler whose head swelled to three times normal size has responded well to treatment, according to The Sun in London.

Heartbreaking pictures of Roona Begum's oversized head helped raise money for a series of operations and the 18-month-old is now "thriving".

The 18-month-old Indian girl is having a series of operations to reduce the size of her head, caused by an extreme form of hydrocephalus or water on the brain

Doctors have reduced the swelling from 94cm to 73cm by draining fluid from her skull. Although she remains in a critical condition, doctors say she is doing well.

Indian doctors claimed the swelling was "among the largest in the history of medicine".

Roona's father Abdul, who earns less than $3 a day in a brick factory, could not afford her treatment and she faced a slow death.

But publicity in Britain saw thousands of people donate, allowing Roona to be flown to New Delhi with he father and mother Fatima.

The Fortis Foundation, which runs the hospital, said last night she is now "thriving".

"The doctors want to be cautious, but they have drained a lot of fluid and so far it has been successful."

The Sun claims that about 400,000 children suffer from hydrocephalus every year, many in poor nations.

Roona faces months of treatment and could still be left brain damaged or blind because of the swelling.

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