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Pair jailed in Dubai for taxi tryst
Rebecca Blake looks on outside court. Picture: Reuters

A Dubai court has sentenced an Irish man and British woman to three months in jail for an intimate tryst in the back of a taxi.

The sentence is the latest case of Westerners running foul of the social codes in the United Arab Emirates, which maintains strict laws on sex-related issues.

Prosecutors accused the pair of removing some clothing and fondling each other in a cab in May.

They denied the charges and accused the taxi driver of fabricating the story after a fare dispute.

The judge says the pair will be deported after serving their sentences, which they can appeal.

Recruitment consultant Rebecca Blake was accused of stripping naked in the back of a Dubai cab and writhing on top of Conor McRedmond, Britain's Daily Mail newspaper reported.

DNA tests failed to show evidence of intercourse.

The pair pleaded not guilty to charges of having consensual sex and indecency.

Lawyer Shaker al-Shammary said the pair would appeal.

During the trial Mr Al Shammary told the court: "This is Dubai, not a mosque. Everyone drinks."

Taxi driver Qaiser Khan, 29, said he picked the couple up and that during the journey he noticed Ms Blake had taken her top off.

Police records reveal that he claimed that Ms Blake was straddling Mr McRedmond and was "moaning for two minutes and making the sounds of a woman having sex".

The taxi driver stopped when he saw a police car and asked an officer to look at what they were doing.

The officer said he found the pair having sex in the car, the court was told.

Mr Al Shammary told the court that Mr Redmond had argued with the taxi driver about the fare.

The taxi driver said that when the policeman arrived Blake had offered him "a lot of money" to say they were kissing rather than having sex.

The police officer said he refused.

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