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To space and back for supersonic jet passengers
The proposed supersonic plane would fly outside the atmosphere for part of the journey. Photo:

Strap yourself in for one fast ride if the predictions about supersonic aircraft become reality.

Private rocket company XCOR has released images of the Lynx, which it says will fly the super-rich at super fast speeds as early as 2014.

A New York-Tokyo flight will take just 45 minutes and the round-trip would cost about $95,000 per passenger, XCOR spokesman Bryan Campen told HuffPost.

It is a forerunner to a supersonic plane that will carry several passengers and fly between New York and Tokyo in 90 minutes.

The passenger aircraft would fly outside the atmosphere for part of the journey, but take off and land like a conventional aircraft.

But it could be another 20 years before the passenger plane hits the market, XCOR COO Andrew Nelson told HuffPost.

Plans to develop the $10 million Lynx were originally announced in 2008.

Test flights of the Lynx could start next year.

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